High performing teams are great at appreciating all contributions at the right time. Timely appreciations and rewards are fuels that propel even an average team member towards better performance. Many teams and team leaders often look out for the fault in a team member to reprimand them. But seldom look for the talent in them or that which they do right to appreciate.

We need leaders and teams that encourage the average performers to move towards excellence. It should n’t be done by open comparisons and public reprimands but with understanding and support.

Appreciations are n’t always monetary. They can be as simple as a word of acknowledgement or a smile.

Average performers can move towards better performers if they are mentored by the right team leader, assisted by the right team member, given the opportunity to prove himself or herself and every step appreciated in an appropriate manner within the confines of the teams dynamics, organizations culture and appraisal rules that will bring out the best in the individual and collectively the best in the team!