Communication is very important fundamental base characteristic required in the healthy functioning of every high performing team. Many corporate organizations utilize methodologies which require we teams to engage in different types of discussions on a regular basis – which helps organize, engage and understand what is required out of each team members and out of each team.

For Small to Medium Organizations, there needs to be two channels of communication – one to communicate specific work related points for the daily operation of the team. Second one to communicate each team members concerns related to his or her role in the organization, matters related to ones performance, likes, dislikes and any other concern one might be facing with in the organization which will affect the performance of the team member and in directly affect the team. In many teams we find dis satisfied team members who say our voice is not heard or our concern is nt addressed. In many organizations team members say that perform over an above what is required out of them, but their work seldom gets appreciated.

I have observed that organizations where the managers or high level management takes time to listen to the concerns of the team members – tend to have better results. Even if the manager is nt able to do much to change the situation, but willing to listen and take minor steps to help the team member with his or her concern will go a long way in boosting team member morale and eventually bring out the best in each individual and from the Team.

Revive the communication channels in your organization, ensure every team members legitimate concerns and heard and the possible steps are taken to show that the organization cares!