Every team has its dynamics, energy levels, culture and atmosphere. It is usually on the leader and the key people in the team to set the atmosphere and energy levels in the team. A team that has positive emotions like joy, laughter, cooperation, trust and unity tend to work together a lot better than teams that have lot of resentments, unhealthy competition, jealousy and strife.

The leader needs to work closely with the team to ensure the right atmosphere is built and maintained. Each week he needs to ensure there are activities that allow the team members to talk freely, engage freely and trust one another and help one another. Most often we find team members striving to ensuring their performance and individual scores are good that they tend to be looking out only for themselves. This will build up unhealthy competition, jealousy and strife. If every team member becomes that way, it wont be long before the team starts under performing.

Setting the right atmosphere in the team is key to high performance team. Leaders needs to go beyond their written scope and ensure that the emotional health of the team is under check, addressing every negative emotion in the team at the root and dealing with it early on in a productive and corrective manner.

Above all the leader needs to ensure that he or she is always at his best and makes every effort to motivate himself and the team at all situations in order to ensure that the Right Energy Levels are always maintained in the Team!